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Books, Posters, Pen & Pencils

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Laminas y Books

Laminas educativas para projectos y libros para colorear con information de PR.

Cook Books

Now you can learn how to cook your favorite "Granda Dishes". Great selection of cooking books, some are available in English. You can make your own "alcapurrias", or your "arroz con gandules", do not forget your dessert "tembleque". If you practice , you may become the Best Puertorrican CHEF.

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Perfect items for projects, decorations for birthday or weddings (2 card back to back with a stick in the middle, held together in a base). During the year some time you need to represent your country, this will help you create a beautiful and colorful poster with different scenes.


So many to choose from, pick one to decorate your work office or select one for your home. We are proud of our heritage, that is why we love to have a room or a wall to display things that reminded us about Puerto Rico.

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